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  2. You said promote so I didn't really get it. Harmer has been promoted. Baker has. So i just didnt see what you were on about really. I'd agree about Harmer. He's been moved sideways after not covering himself in glory with DOI. Baker doesn't excite me but he seems to have done nothing much wrong that I can see.
  3. Speaking with my gardening hat on, the "last frost date" is very important because frost can wipe out tender seedlings, but whether frost occurs, and on what date, varies a lot depending which part of the island you are in (even for such a small island). For example, as far as I recall we had no frost in Ramsey this year, but that is probably because in town, a lot of the daytime heat is soaked up by buildings, roads and pavements and then radiated out again at night, evening out the temperature. However, at my allotment 2 miles outside Ramsey, we had a whopper of a frost on 14th May this year, so hard that it froze the water in my hosepipe and wiped out a row of French beans which I had foolishly left uncovered.
  4. It's better than an MF thread being taken over by continued and irrelevant biatch fights between two posters
  5. You are correct of course. But it is an indication that can't be ignored. When you consider the previous figures Manx Radio was top of the pile. Well, let's wait for the next set of RAJAR figures. Even a second virus wave won't save New Manx Radio from a kicking, which I believe it did this time.
  6. hissingsid


    Well listening to the forecast this morning it does not look good for the foreseeable so let us hope we have not had our summer. The races would not gone ahead on Saturday and the beginning of next week does not look great so no one is missing much TT wise.
  7. As much as anything it looks like an attempt to save Harmer's skin over the promenade debacle. Baker was his recently appointed deputy/2nd anyway so he's just been moved up to the DOI sacrificial block as the next in line. He'd already defended matters to the hilt so he's a natural for the Dept.
  8. If you want fly to UK feel free planes flying every day but it will be a long time before our borders are open. You obviously did not listen to the CM the other day.
  9. I think you know that meant Harmer! He should be getting sacked, for the state of the DoI, not moved out of trouble.
  10. Has Manx Radio taken over the UK government now?
  11. RTC's grass cutting policy is to give mowers and such to disinterested binmen/labourers who are despatched out to work on an unsupervised basis. Hence the result. The result of some of the grass cutting around town areas last year, particularly down through the Lezayre estate was the talk of the town. Lumps and patches missed, cut grass left strewn around pavements and roads and blowing into gardens. I see this year they also mowed down in short order the daffodils that they'd presumably spent a lot of time planting in the Coronation Park too. It seems to be a total lack of co-ordination and interest in anything other than the bare minimum standard.
  12. It would not have mattered who had been moved or promoted it would not have suited the bitter government haters on here who probably take ten minutes each morning to sort out which foot to put their shoes on.
  13. In terms of the Tynpotwald gene pool, there isn’t a lot that HRH The Chief Minister has to work with. Also a lot of the backbenchers, including those MHKs who ‘show devotion’ when it suits, have consciousness when voting, so won’t be considered COMIN material. Like it has been suggested, some don’t want the extra responsibility, or the extra money.
  14. Baker to Comin is to be welcomed. He has a hell of a job on his hands though. Word of advice to him, the public want the existing infrastructure maintained and improved as a priority. Harmer, hmmm well I suppose his move was to be expected.
  15. Harmer will do bugger all for next year then, same as with DOI, probably put some numpty like callister to MUA
  16. a 100m boundary ? flint towers must be quite a spread.
  17. It was always going to be Baker. The surprise is they've finally moved Harmer on.
  18. Usual IOMG solution. Reward incompetence and promote out of trouble.......
  19. Today
  20. Baker to Infrastructure; Harmer new Policy and Reform Minister. That’s a brilliant piss-take Howard. Congratulations.
  21. It will be interesting to see what happens with airport plans from here on. They were quite ambitious and Dr Spake is apparently very enthusiastic about them. He currently seems to be spending a lot of time kayaking according to his Twitter though. This! I emailed the MUA the other day about some issues we have with the lamp posts outside our house. They’ve referred it to the local commissioners, so I’ve given up ny hope of (a) hearing back or (b) a resolution. We have green verge strips on our road. I cut the 100m or so that is on our boundary because I like to keep it looking right, but it takes a Facebook message to get them to come anywhere near to do the rest, by which time it’s usually a messy strimmer job that takes twice as long as run over with the mower. Parochialism isn't working.
  22. When your wife/girlfriend inevitably starts rolling her eyes - buy her some flowers.
  23. Trump is playing perfectly to Redneck USA. God-fearing Bible-Basher. Will use all force necessary to put down this black revolt. Etc. As Stinky says the more it kicks off the better he'll look putting it down.
  24. You’re right that Bozo’s crew will be highlighting Hunt’s past misdemeanors to protect their guy. As for the baying Tory mob putting Starmer off his stride...not a bit of it. This is a guy who was one of the country’s top QCs. He’s more articulate, better prepared, brighter and better informed than Johnson. The fact that the Tory Back-bench automatons will be grunting and snarling will neither deflect Starmer nor improve Bozo’s failing performance at the despatch box.
  25. A lot of it is generic hatred against the police too, which is perfectly understandable too as they have acted like utter arseholes throughout the entire covid crisis.
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