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I noticed a guy called "DJ Lee" on one of the online stations I listen to once in a while, and most of his remixes are just absolutely awesome - typing his name into YouTube made me jump with delight - he's got plenty of videos as well:


Garbage - Androgyny (DJ Lee Hermaphrodite Mix)


Madonna - Like A Virgin (Revolting DJ Lee - Ks Mix)


Smashing Pumpkins - Eye (DJ Lee's Evileye Mix)


David Bowie - I'm Afraid Of MedLEE's (DJ Lee Mix)


Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister (DJ Lee Bloodsucker Remix)


Godhead - Eleanor Rigby (DJ Lee Beatlestrings Mix)


Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds (DJ Lee Extended Feeding Mix)


Disturbed - Land Of Confusion (DJ Lee Solution Mix) - bit too political video for me, especially towards the end, but still a very powerful and good song...


Apoptygma Berzerk - Love To Blame (DJ Lee Perception Mix)


Apoptygma Berzerk rock anyway - have a look/listen at these if you don't know them yet: In this together, Shine On,


Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper (DJ Lee Pyro Mix)


My Prerogative (Dj. Lee's Brown Remix)


More in the boom-boom section:


Megara Vs. DJ Lee - Human Nature


Megara vs Dj Lee - Full Intention


Dj Lee Vs Bob Sinclair - World Hold On


Dee Dee - Forever (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Mix)


He's probably well famous in some circles, but I only know him from TheElectricFront.com - good, though...

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Parrots. I love parrots.


It's quite eerie how they reflect the owner's state of mind -

seems to be owned by a jolly, Disney music-loving God-fearing american lass.. think whatever you like, it's clearly a cheerful home.


On the other hand.. would you prefer to be owned what seems to be a bunch of chain-smoking rockers like

? Check out the verbal abuse and the the lung-clearing session near the end...


Then there's

- seems well cared for - at the centre of a gentle, (but videogame obsessed!) family home - I like the reassuring "It's ok"...
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Very impressive indeed, the acceleration through that tunnel was something else.

That was an unmanned one, n'est-ce pas?


As previously stated, devices like this have been around for a while, the unmanned ones get up to some ludicrous speeds , usually for testing some kind of technology (or seeing what happens when it slams into a huge block of concrete)


The manned ones, that test things like ejection seats don't go quite so fast, but if we were to do some sort of speed record attempt, we'd need a brain-damaged guinea pig, or something, to drive it..

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