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Ban This Sick Filth!

K.os Theory

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I wish the press and other people would shut up about violent games influencing young people. You must be a complete freak if you play a game like Manhunt and come out all derranged and warped by it, its not real. I read somewhere that two children were re-enacting an execution scene from manhunt all I can say is what a complete bunch of absolute dipshits. If there minds are that fragile in the first place then it is not the games fault.


I am inclined to agree in so far as I don't think it is the game itself that is the root of the problem - equally, I think if you removed the game then the 'problem' would find an alternative suitable media with which to express itself, with ultimately the same result; for example violent videos etc.


That said, I do not buy into the concept of gratuitously violent games or films and really don't see the need for such excesses - I think it does, to a degree, promote a level of acceptance and desensitivity. But that is just my personal opinion which is not based on any scientific knowledge that I am aware of.

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Yeh I don't think there should be violence in anything for the sake of it. Violence never offends me but it doesn't need to be gratuitous. The fact that these games are rated 18 should be enough, although young people will always get ahold of them. Retailers should take more care to who they are selling their products to and perhaps more warning of the content although this will probably attract people more. If your easily infulenced by anything like this then you should see a doctor before even thinking about looking at something with a little bit of blood and gore in if your suddenly going to become a mass murderer.

When the press re-act so strongly to things like this it only means that the game will get more publicity and more people will want to buy it to see what the fuss is about.

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