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Get Your Face Into The New Football Manager Game


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You can get your face into Sports Interactives Football Manager via this link . If you're Manx the nationality Manx isn't avaliable so you're rather stuck.

I have yet to submit my pic as I don't know how to crop it, so could someone tell me how I can crop my pic to the required 95x95 JPG?.

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Download paintshop pro to crop an image.


I asked the MD of SI why there's no manx, here's the respoinse:


"The Isle of Man is not a member of Fifa, and do not have an

international football team, so you would need to put down the

international country that you qualify for (via grandparents or



Has any footballer from the Isle of Man ever played international

football? And, if so, who did they play for?"


He's on a games mailing list I run see.

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