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Noisy Neighbours



So they never returned although I see some of them about now and then. The girl with the joint, I see her pushing a pram up Strand Street. Extra extra tattoos an a'.


Baby is always quiet though. Very quiet.


It won't be long before he has his very own baseball cap.


Of course it's nothing new to fight noise with noise, there's even an article about it in this month's Outlook magazine, I see from the forums:


But I don't think I was trying to fight back. I just wanted to share my enjoyment with others. Although Lena Martell and Jim Reeves are in quite a different arena from Motorhead and Iron Maiden. That style of music would be too obvious a choice to use in these circumstances. Maybe the journalist should have injected some originality into his work.


And I think of all the people who want to share their enjoyment of peace and quiet with others. They always lose out don't they.


The meek and the mild.


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