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Tats And Thongs

steven !


I saw her again in Strand Street this lunchtime. It’s all about display isn’t it. Showing off the tattoos and the thong and the baby.


The baby was about to make a noise but she said words on the lines of:


“Shut the f*** up, don’t f****n start or I’ll slap you up the f***** street”.


It did the trick.


In the words of Billy Connolly “Shut your face . . . . and his face was shut”.


But her friends gathered were proud of her. No doubt they too will have their very own bundles of joy soon.


I wondered how often the thong is changed. You may think everyday or maybe more. But I’m pretty sure this one is the same that’s always been worn even from the days of the joint smoking in the flat below.


Battleship white.


Like a bloke might have a favourite shirt I suppose. It’s all about sex equality isn’t it.


Where does this tattoo thing and the exposure of the body go from here?


I think she is pregnant again because her belly is well exposed and big and she is wearing a short t-shirt to accentuate the point.


I have an idea for an outrageous tattoo. Like these blokes who have ‘love’ and ‘hate’ tattoos on their knuckles or a dotted line on their neck with ‘cut here’ printed.


I thought maybe a tattoo on the girls belly showing a picture of a baby or maybe a large phoetus. Like a sort of cut-away diagram.


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