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Thursday - Mid Day



Feeling not only physically fragileBut generally very ill tooReally guilt ridden I can tell youI braved the world andWent outside to phone in sickAs I was walking down the stairs the peopleIn the flat directly below ("them")Were just coming outI froze,HorrifiedBut when they heard meThey quickly scuttled back inside and were whisperingI wanted to apologize.What was going on?On my way backI knocked on the door of one of the other flats belowIt was occupied by a pleasant girl, a nurse, who opened the door"I'm so sorry about last night, you see I think I was a bit drunk and . . "I tried to explainShe stopped me and smiled and she said" . . . I was on nights last night up at the hospital, no problem though,You've been quiet as a mouse ever since I moved in. Unlike them,"she flicked her eyes to the flat directly below mine. "Are you alright?". She looked concerned and smiled again"Yeah," I said, "Just a bit, you know . . ."She knewPhew! I thought. At least that's one neighbour I don't have to apologize toBut there was a young couple with a child in another flatNice couple, but we generally didn't speak muchI have to be braveI feel dreadfulAbsolutely dreadful_______________________


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