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A Little Bit Of Background



There are four flats involved hereWe have always been a friendly and considerate lotIf you don't mind me saying so myselfThen a few weeks back the flat below me went vacantSome, well, how can I say . . .Undesirables moved inWhen they first moved in, complete with baseball caps and trainers etcI thought great, young folk, maybe add a bit of life to the placeFirst night in they had a party loud music people in and out ALL night longWell, you can't beat a good housewarmingSo although I had no sleepYou have to make allowances in life now and again - so no botherBut it hapened the next night . . . . and the next . . . . . . . . and the nextBoom, BOOM, BOOM, clash CLASH CLASH, bang BANG BANGAnd then there were the rows. . . and shouting. . . . . . . and fighting. . . . . . . . . . . . and screaming I went down once - I had had no sleep for a few nights Frightened as I wasI saidTo the folk that answered the door finally"Hi - I'm steven ! from upstairs, its good to see youTo see you enjoying yourselvesBut would you mind maybeTurning the sounds down a touch?"They all stared back with wild deep eyes and baseball caps jauntyThey said nothing and one of the girls who was pregnant andSmoking a jointGave the wancker signI got the messageI walked away and I heard them laugh and shreikThe music turned upAnd I turned over in my bedCrying with humiliation and frustration and tirednessWhat had once been a wonderful homeAnd I speak for the others tooWas being ruinedSo it was nice to escapeEven if it was Val Doonican styleAnd last night - I had hoped - Dean MartinSo you might think it gets worseBut it gets betterMuch better . . .The other night - when I was crying in my bedI prayedAnd the answerMust have come to me without meEven knowingThe wine and the vodka took its toll alrightBut I still can't believe what I didThe worm turned


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