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Spain At Last

John Wright


Well in July I was feeling I was on the downward slope to enjoyment of my Spanish dream


I now feel even nearer


Two years ago my partner lost driving licence, Drink Drive. So I have been driving up and down to Spain on my own. Now has new shiny licence and passed test so can share the load and drive all other vehicles.


We have a fleet. motor home, smart to tow behind, I have a Disco 3 to tow the trailer then there is a Citroen in Spain so we don't have to hire, an Audi TT for fun, a Fiat van for partnerswork and a motorbike.


Finding insurance for a convicted driver on the motor home has been a nightmare, but I managed it yesterday and partner passed test.


Went out to Spain 1st week November. Cleaning up farm after builders. It realy is done, a bit of decorating and a snagging list but liveable. Still only got a jury rig electriciy supply as still don't have the valor catastral or rateble valuse and number to sort out a permanent supply. Amuses me two ways, have to switch everything off and pull plugs. Otherwise it trips. So no washing and kettle boiling and vaccuming at same time! Of course other resaon for fun is that I am the Chair of the Rates appeal tribunal here! Just issue myself one!


The builders did such a good job we commissioned them to renovate the apartments which we let out in Sitges, all new bathrooms, 2 a peice and new kitchens plus white paint everything else.


We are off for Xmas and New Year, to oversee the finalisation of all the work and to check inventory and ensure deep clean before the first lets for carneval in February 2008.


The farm has had fruit trees planted and the pool and jaccuzi installed. There is a sprinkler system from a cisterna fed by an underground spring. Planted apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries. Also a huge soft fruit cage with strawberries and reaspberries plus some eglish fruit rhubarb, the gardener had never seen before and they do not do thornless balckberries in Spain. Other things as well, olives, mature walnut and almonds, quince


To put in yet are oranges, lemons, limes, kiwi. Also a herb garden and a vegetable patch. Must not forget crab apples.


We have 36 grape vines as well. I am on look aout for a second hand domestic grape press and a couple barrels fr fermenting


As we speak the gardener is planting some feel at home plants, daffs, tulips, snowdrops and crocuses. Well its 2,000 feet up and cold in winter. We get snow. but it less than an hour to the Cosat Garraff and Costa Dorada


Any way 2008 looks good, more trips, relaxation out there.


Both apartmnents are available via the web site and the farm direct from me, can be split so its either two two bedroomed units sleeping 6 each or one four bed unit sleeping 12. It has air con, CH and wood burning stoves, thre bathrooms and two kitcjens and living rooms.


Of course the trips are all traumatic when I go. This last time we arrived at Caen port to check in, with thre pasported, chipped and de loused dogs. Refused boarding, Vet had used wrong pills for ticks! Bugger, night in hotel, find early vet, get correct stuff, then wait 24 hours before alowed to board. Got on boat 36 hours late, next two Steam Packet sailings full! So ended up home 48 hours late


partner thouroughly pissed off demands to be set down at nearest airport, Birmingham obliges. I travel lots for work so know there are no Saturday evening flights, sit in car park smugly waiting a downcast return. After an hour I give up and drive to friends in Runcorn. Partner there on settee having caught taxi at cost £200, got card bill today, and charged it to my card!!!!


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