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  1. Its one up from being a facetious humourless git who is wrong about everything, which you manage to be.
  2. Like No Smoking No LGB Definitely no Trans No funding transparency No drag No politics ( except extreme right wing politics ) Publicise Josem’s do gooding at every possible opportunity
  3. On 11m and with a 5% gross income that’s near £285 per apartment per week. Strip out communal electric, general services, corridor cleaning, insurance, tenancy change over, they’ll be lucky to break even. Maybe 2% return on capital deployed. What did they borrow at?
  4. Because we are signed up, internationally, binding, to achieve the same percentage reductions as UK.
  5. Arrived 09.00 Thursday. I don’t think that’s bad, from Düsseldorf, to London, via UK customs, to Isle of Man using Deutsche Post, Royal Mail and IoM Post, in 79 hours
  6. Hold on. As an island, average daily domestic and industrial water consumption is 26 million litres. 0.2 million litres is 1/130th ( 0.66%) and they’ll be paying commercial rates for it. It’s de minimis ( too little to have any effect one way or other ).
  7. As the site is for domestic waste, and commercial waste is charged separately, where it is allowed, I’d have thought that the total cost of operation should be divided amongst the northern authorities pro rata to their domestic rateable values.
  8. No. The owners announcement says After 9 wonderful years of brewing tea and slicing cake, sharing hugs, stories, laughter and tears, it is with mixed emotions that we announce our upcoming departure from of our much loved Tea Junction in May next year. Our lease is up in May 2025, and while it's bittersweet to say goodbye, we're excited about the opportunity to pass the venue to new owners. In its current format the site would lend itself to a superb evening dining & cocktail venue. As you will know we’ve built up a loyal customer base over the years. Sadly, as with many other catering establishments the prosperous days are becoming sparse. Rising wage costs, coupled with a turbulent inflationary world have meant falling revenue making it increasingly difficult to sustain the concept in its current format. Interested and serious parties only please contact in the first instance by email to admin@theteajunction.im to discuss how you can make this venue your own and continue its legacy of excellence. Mark & Jason xx
  9. Tax is issued to the registered keeper, whoever pays it, and you can insure a vehicle you don’t own, although you should note the interest of the owner. The log book is no proof of ownership, a leased vehicle is owned by the leasing company, but registered and insured in the name of the renter.
  10. That Liverpool Waters stuff must be 5 or 6 years old. It’s not new. It’s not dated. But look at the completion dates for the various phases. A lot of the development is done. The only new thing is that the old floating landing stage which was to be replaced by a cruise liner one operated by Liverpool, was delayed, Liverpool pulled out, and a new operator has come along. The King Edward Triangle with recent planning isn’t the old SP site.
  11. IoMSPCo 1 - daffodil planting Dr Michelle Haywood 0 ( made to look a fool ) “We have personally reached out to Dr Haywood following her comments. We always aim to deliver timely communication to our passengers via text and email, and customer service is of top priority for us. Over the past week, Storm Kathleen has caused large disruption to all our sailings and our staff have been working flat out to accommodate rescheduled sailings and deliver communication as best we can. We'd like to thank all our staff for their hard work and dedication to helping our passengers. The linkspan, which is owned and managed by Peel Ports, wasn't damaged in the storm. The work being carried out is preventative due to the extreme low tides we’ve experienced this week.”
  12. He doesn’t audit IoMG or local authority accounts, does he?
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