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  1. I am a late 60's child, lived in Cronk-y-voddy for a lot then moved to Kirk Micheal, we always had a lot of freedom. In fact my parents would worry if we were home before it was dark. Have recently moved to a little village in Essex and my son is out all day long playing. Obs paranoid parent these days and he has a good CB radio to keep in touch but it is rather ace watching kids play in the streets playing kerby or setting up a race course for their bikes. And 80's music is shite
  2. I did note that the BBC showed footage of Hamas firing rockets from a school this evening. I think that's the bravest the Beeb have ever been in this vile carrying on that both sides are guilty of. ETA: That was very quickly brushed over though.
  3. The BBC at it's best (i'm assuming it's not to offend more touchy religions). What I don't get is what random mortars, qazzam rockets, suicide bombings and recent abductions and murder of children (and they were children(and I'm dubious of the revenge murders too)) are they meant to do? Jeez, I was just up the road when this herbert killed himself with two taps to the noggin from a 9mm, wasn't a good time to be a manx lad with an english accent I can tell you. What I'm trying to say is - aren't the Palestinians trying to bring on their own bloodshed with a hard bastard that won't back down but if you keep on bombing is we'll stand up to the mark and have it with you? Surely there is a time to talk and surely the religion of peace can have a word with the hotheads of their peaceful background that don't want world domination and just want to grow some ace olives to sit down and have a word with the other hotheads of the other religion that just want to grow oranges. Second thoughts, this is the way the world can unite. Major problem with the honeybee at the moment, major problem with that area of the world. Joint effort, save the bee. Nowt Jewish, nowt Isreali, nowt Muslim, nowt Palestinian. They could save us. Maybe we could do a ManxForums effort. Save the bee, save the ongoing Isreali/Palestinian conflict. I'll leave it to you lot to get a better catch phrase. Word
  4. I liked this piece , sums up the side of the fence I'm sitting on.
  5. I know she did so much more but;
  6. The New Statesman was beyond ace and here is quite a relevant quote; Alan B'Stard:
  7. Another that I'm happy about, took a while but that's the brill of digital cameras. Hope you like it.
  8. Having a raaaaahhh! A boogy and enjoying the old tunes, ace stuff
  9. Bit late on the scene with this chap, but rather ace all the same This is rather ace, with the Banjolele
  10. My shop. Unless the rugby is on. Back in half an hour.........pppppfffffftttt..................!
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