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  1. International law is very clear. If you face a clear and present danger from the plans and orders an enemy is sending from a place then you can take action against the people in that place to stop them. Hezbollah is armed and coordinated by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force. They have fired 1000s of rockets into Northern Israel since October 7th causing the evacuation of over 100,000 Israelis. It is entirely within Israel's right to self-defence to take out the people arming, planning an coordinating those attacks.
  2. I've always found the attitude expressed above so defeatist. The adoption of anything new basically starts one person at a time. Change comes when people see and understand the benefits of a new technology. The UK actually has quite a good record of doing that. I realise all the moaners want to emphasize how shit everything is, but by understanding and adopting new technologies the UK is one of the most successful societies on earth. Putting energy usage on a sustainable footing has huge benefits and first mover advantage is a real thing.
  3. A violent double murderer whose trial exposed the incompetence and racism of the LA police. These two things are distinct and America has a big problem when violence, race & racism become entwined.
  4. Continuing my fascination with optical illusions.
  5. Elon Musk isn't a particularly good public speaker but my goodness the ambition of the man is pretty incredible.
  6. The Sun. On Netflix. It's a Mandarin language Taiwanese film. Quite brilliant. Understated. A bit of a violent beginning as someone has their hand cut off. The rest of the story follows the consequences of this for a son, his brother, mother and father. It is brilliantly acted. Inarticulate, struggling people trying to comprehend and just carry on as consequences build.
  7. Duh, I imagine they stopped popping home quite quickly!
  8. Is Tony Cox much known outside South Africa? I can remember being blown away by this hearing it live:
  9. Have to admit to enjoying Beyonce's new album.
  10. HeliX genuinely get a grip. Amadeus is not parroting Hitler's antisemitic arguments. My goodness, despicable ad hominin. Be a gentleman and accept this is too far.
  11. Context matters. It is almost certain the young lady wasn't been confronted by a swastikas in this context. Is some thug able to openly display a swastika and pretend, while winking, it's a Buddhist symbol? Yeah, that's today's UK.
  12. And so the Arab Israeli trilemma is laid bare. Israel cannot remain Jewish, democratic and a single state. Palestine cannot create a commonwealth for its people via fanaticism, terrorism and demanding from the river to the sea. Both sides are in thrall to their extremes, see the use of violence as a legitimate response to the others' actions, and are unwilling to compromise. Hey ho. The main difference between them is that Israel's political leadership has, up to now, been able to create wealth and win the wars it has had to fight (or at least fight them on their enemy's territory & get out for Lebanon). Palestinian political leadership has played a poor card atrociously and brought disaster time and time again onto their people. Israel's have built a powerful wealthy country but one dominated and divided by these multiple dilemmas. I'm glad it's not my problem to sort out!
  13. Malcolm Lowry Under the Volcano Number 11 on the Modern Library's 100 Best Novels https://sites.prh.com/modern-library-top-100 I'd never heard of it or the author so thought it worth ago. After the event I'm not exactly sure! It's a bit of a slog. Hardly surprising as a "modern" novel it is full of stream-of-consciousness hard to follow inner dialogues, it mixes Spanish & French with English and uses a huge vocabulary. I was regularly needing a dictionary and google translate to understand him. And the basic plot is a bit self-obsessed. In some ways I'm reminded of a movie I enjoyed - Leaving Las Vegas. The story is about the last day in the life of Geoffrey Firmin - I'm not giving a lot away in telling you this as the first chapter starts a year after the event with some of the characters lamenting his passing and then the rest of the novel narrates the events of that fateful day. Firmin is an alcoholic - it has destroyed his marriage to Yvonne, but she has returned to try to encourage him to renounce the demon drink and seek a new life, while his brother Hugh suffers divided loyalties between the two. Each chapter takes the point of view of one of these three and slowly the plot unfolds. A self-obsessed alcoholic isn't a particularly sympathetic main character, and angst, self-doubt and inner anguish are shared amongst the lead characters in about equal proportions. We learn of their past lives, aspirations and failures, but in quite a contorted way via dialogue and inner dialogue which meanders and fragments under the influences of alcohol and memory. I did persevere and I'm sort of glad I did ... but I found the actual plot so buried in layers of experimental writing that it was often obscured and hard to follow. The language got in the way of story telling, which is surely putting the cart before the horse! 5/10
  14. We just don't know the full context of the images and I suspect we never will. If I was a civilian in an active combat zone I'd carry a white flag, but we all know that that was no help to the escaped hostages the IDF killed. Impunity in war is an evil thing.
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