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  1. You wouldn't buy service station flowers to present to a queen would you. Like buying the crown jewels from Ratners.
  2. Declan

    TT 2024

    Yeah it's interesting as a tool in the composition process. After all we use rhyming dictionaries and chord charts to prompt us. Certainly the skilled writer will create better prompts and act as an editor on the output. Be good if the music was generated as a midi file (or stems, even as sheet music /tabs I suppose) that you could import into a DAW and make an arrangement of. But often it'll be someone in a ad agecy or PR team and instead of selecting an existing song that fits their mood or commissioning one (and paying royalties to the creative) they'll opt for the generic AI one. Also the AI one is generated by drawing on the work of thousands of songwriters and paying them, which I suppose is ok if it's just being used as a novelty like we are. If Amadeus's tune became the official anthem of Douglas City and used in come to Douglas ads, that would be monitising other's work.
  3. Declan

    TT 2024

    Stirring. "From Strang to Braddan, the stories are told, Of the lives that are saved, and the hands that hold."
  4. Declan

    TT 2024

    I thought I'd have a go - The first one I just asked the machine to write "a punk rock song about how the Isle of Man TT is rubbish" and I got a NOFX song - https://suno.com/song/d5a6179d-807d-47ff-b82a-2922a42320ff The second time I followed Amadeus's method and got ChatGPT to generate the lyrics - https://suno.com/song/b2f7e6b5-8df1-49a4-b6d0-688514b67903 I think this is the best so far. But I gave it more ideas to work with. And did a little light editing of the lyrics.
  5. Declan

    TT 2024

    I'm the opposite. It seems to me though imagination and originality are the bits it can't supply. Take the Douglas Council one - the could be about any council (at least any one with rivers) and there's a lot of talk about heroically defending the land from a nameless threat which is rather outside Douglas Commissioners' remit and not much on bin collecting. Ironically the most specific thing to Douglas is the cliqued Celtic strings at the beginning. It sounds like library music a daytime TV show would use when they do a show in Ireland. And that's because Amadeus used the prompt "Epic Celtic Rock Anthem". So the only elements that make this vaguely relevent to the actual Douglas Corpy where Amadeus's creative decisions to write a song about Douglas Borough's leaders and make the music Celticy.
  6. I didn't know JK Rowling wrote for Next Gen.
  7. Declan

    TT 2024

  8. Declan

    TT 2024

    I think the 4th Wave of Ska might be more of ripple, if that's an example.
  9. Declan

    TT 2024

    It’s hollow though. It sounds like a good song might sound but it’s not a good song. It’s not so much a song about the TT but a song about some elements uncovered by googling about the TT. Take - “Through misty mountains and rugged terrain, They race against time, in wind and rain” That’s very generic stuff … mountains are always described as misty. Heroes always battle time and the elements And of course in the TT they don’t. They wait until it’s not misty or rainy. There’s nothing surprising, no unique insights into the Island or the TT. Just the kind of marketing blurb you’d find on the back of a TT dvd There’s no reference to any specific part of the course, race or past heroes. I’m sure a better musician than me can make a criticism of the music. But to my ears there’s nothing surprising. You know when the guitars going to kick in, a second before it does. None of the instruments does anything unexpected or creative. Everything is on the beat. Imagine when all music is this precise. It’ll be duller than the TT
  10. I think we're less than 6 months away from a drug dealer using the yeoman of the land defence or claiming that whatever he's selling is the antidote to the vaccination.
  11. This seems remarkably trivial... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-68797258 Stockport had a Labour majority of 6k in the 2010 election. Police Tsar and Euro elections are county and regional votes. The two houses are a mile apart and seem to be in the same council ward.
  12. Chemtrails is nothing new. 20 years ago there was a guy from Ramsey (aren't they always from Ramsey) used to post pages of shit with dodgy formatting on Beemanx or Manx.Net forums about chemtrails.
  13. Are you sure he's real? Looks like he's being played by Sasha Baron-Cohen.
  14. Rather than castigate him you should empathise. Reiterate it's not his fault he was let go, just the changing times. That he has skills that could be used in private sector roles, or in his own business. That he will have received a sizable redundancy pay off that should tide him over during a job search or if he wants to retrain or needs capital for a new business. And he should probably leave his wife.
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