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  1. Like I said I was with my son and it was the only place we could eat at that point. Had I been on my own I'd of gone for a pint and waited somewhere else. Again on that night wasn't impressed with the food genuinely think Barbary coast does better chicken meals
  2. all the other food places at the time were packed and had an hour or so waiting list and my son was hungry, is that ok?
  3. I went to a Nandos in the UK recently loads of waiters/waitresses standing about but nobody taking orders, figured out you had to download an app and put your order through there, unfortunately my phone battery had died so ended up just leaving. Never been impressed with the food there in all honesty
  4. I do believe he did it but the theory that his son was involved is interesting though.
  5. His book If I did it is a good read and really makes you believe he did it. I see as well any visitors to him in his final days were made to sign Non disclosure agreements.
  6. I didn't say it was up to government to help. End of the day businesses come and go. My point is they just come out state the obvious that people are struggling then that's it. It's like thanks for that we were already aware thanks
  7. I'm not in government so not my job to provide solutions, I'd rather they just kept quiet to be honest.
  8. The government always come out with we know people/businesses are struggling but then never seem to provide any solutions
  9. Why not park in there for free and save yourself a few quid? I left my car in there for about 4 days when I went away last year. No issues. Was on the early boat so knew there would be spaces then late boat back so knew I wouldn't be blocked in
  10. There doesn't have to be debilitating to driving its the same with drink driving there's a limit and if you're over you're over doesn't matter how well you were driving.
  11. Do people not realise how potent cannabis is? 100% you can smell it from passing cars. Just yesterday I was walking down Christian Road and a car drove past me and I smelt cannabis coming from it. Not a car but was in the co op a few weeks back bloke and his mate came in utterly reeking if weed.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/share/p/vEX2nJeX9FvAUdz6/
  13. Not wrong though is he/she/they
  14. Serious question Did you think you were in danger?
  15. I played against them 20 odd years ago. Decent blokes and liked a beer or 2 even during games
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