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Reality Versus Dhss Beancounters



on weds last my daughter calls dhss patient transfer from the liverpool royal hospital to ask to be transferred to the last flight since she must wait to see a doctor. she is told why are you calling so late to request this and if you don't have a letter for the audit trail then no we can't transfer you. end of conversation. my daughter having just been told her cancer had returned and she would be facing more chemo and a bone marrow transplant not surprisingly fell apart. if herboyfriend hadn't called a friend of a friend and got it sorted who knows what would be the story? I was not there and had I been then there would have been a great story in the media the following morning at 7am. instead I had to listen to the dhss minister smugly telling his interviewer that people were patting him on the back and saying they were with him. well I would suspect that 98% of them hadn't been using the dhss lately. since when does someone in patient transfer talk about audit trail paperwork to a patient calling from a hospital? if they hv problems with their audit then that's not the patient's problem it is the management's problem. imagine that this was your child your grandchild, your wife, your son and tell me you would be happy with that response?I so want to take thee people on their worst sick day with a hangover shove them on the red eye make them wait for hours with no food or drink, belt a few doses of chemo throygh them, wait another hour or two then tell them to ring patient transfer and see if they can remember their name never mind where their audit trail is.as you can tell, I am incandescent.


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