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Walk A Mile In Someone's Shoes



There's 2 types of godbotherer story, one where the punchline is 'that was when I carried you' and the other ends with 'i sent a boat and then a helicopter, what more did you want?'Today I spoke to a lady whose partner is dying in the most awful way - I cannot even write what she told me about how he is suffering, truly indescribable. Her faith frightened me because it felt almost inhuman and devoid of normal outrage in the face of this apalling cancer, and I admired and felt humbled by her strength - she turned to go and for a moment she held my arm really tightly like someone drowning and I caught a glimpse of real agony and dawning horror in her face. I hoped that whoever was carrying her would be able to manage till the boat arrived. He might be out of pain by the time you read this, lets hope so.

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Guest OneOinOrient


Hmmm... all too familiar... there are some that call this place Cancer Island, I wonder if there are figures to prove or disprove this? The plight you speak of reminds us of the pain for those that witness the suffering.

There is no way to heal the loss of a loved one but time will eventually soothe that pain.

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