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Friday May 9th



1.30 p.m.Today was and still is I guess, another milestone in my battle against cancer. I had my CT scan this morning and now I must wait until Thursday to find out the results. I find these CT Scans just a bit daunting. Lying on a funny bed that moves along with this big camera thing coming down on top of you, not to mention the damn noise of the thing, is not my idea of fun. I had a wonderful nurse though in Kathleen who is from Stranraer. I feel now that I have more or less come to the end of my trial, my doctors and consultants have done their best and pleaded on my behalf to the boss or God, or whoever pulls the strings. I have also done my best and now I await the jury’s decision. So, we shall say no more on that now until next Thursday.


After I left the hospital, we headed for Peel and for once, in fact the only time I can remember, I did not have fish and chips. Yes I managed to walk the length of Michael Street and kept out of the chippie. I did stop by in a café though and have pie and chips, but that doesn’t count. I am now about to head off up the Silverburn with Skipper and after that, I am going to heave to for a couple of hours. Its Friday afternoon, the rain has stopped; the weekend is just around the corner. Life in general is OK. Our ship is sailing along on an even keel.


Until tomorrow then people, this Tom Glassey with News at 1.40 p.m on the banks of the Silverburn. River

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Guest laxey274


Hi Tom

I've been reading your blog since it started and just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed it. Your writing style is so good to read and it has uplifted me to read your journey. The good and the bad days.


Just thought I'd let you know some good news. I gave birth to a little girl a couple of weeks ago and have called her Scarlett Erin. She is a little buttered bun and looks like an organ grinders monkey - full head of black head. V. cute but I would say that I'm her mum!


I've finished at the Steam Packet now and am looking forward to being full time mum for a while - with Scarlett and Maeve the dog to look after I've plenty to get on with! I have started writing a kid's book also set in Castletown - it would be good to talk to you about it sometime.


Well take care - and hopefully see you around the park some day soon.


Laura (Howland) x

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