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Still listening to the Deep Heat albums tonight, they started something on the music forum the other night, that's for sure. It's amazing how you seem to forget the music you grew up with but it's nice to look back on it every once in a while. I'm currently without a sound system at home so my options are somewhat limited. I can play CD's and listen to mp3's on my pc but if I want to listen to a cassette (of which I have hundreds) my only option is to play them in the car or, listen to them on a very basic walkman (remember them?). I've got some vinyl too but most of that isn't worth listening to (I never really got into vinyl like I should have done in my youth).I really must get a decent sound system installed ASAP with both turntable and cassette playing facilities but realistically, the house takes priority for the forseeable future.Bah :(


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