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  1. I think, all things considered that I was probably born about the right time. As Gladys pointed out earlier, there were 3 recessions during the 70's, 80's and 90's and I too lived through them all but their impact on me was different to what it may have been had I been born a decade or two earlier. The 80's one was actually very good for me as I had a seasonal job as a teenager for 3 years and I was earning (for me at that time and age anyway) stacks of cash which I was saving and earning fantastic interest on. I wouldn't have wanted a mortgage at that time though, that's for sure! On the flip side to that, more recent years haven't been so kind to me financially so maybe if I had been born earlier, I may have had the mortgage paid off by now and could have maybe ridden the last downturn out without the impact it had on my business and my finances - who knows! 70's were great to be a kid, 80's was great as a teenager and 90's was great as a young adult so all in all, no regrets at all really. I'm not overly keen on the way the world is going in general these days however and I do wish for different times in that respect.
  2. Yeah, all the men have been nagged to death by that age!
  3. Not surprising really, they are great cars - there's already 3 675LTs over here (and at least 1 650s spyder). BB - I hadn't forgotten the 918, I just wasn't sure whether or not one had been over here (or was locally owned). You'd think at least one of the local HNWIs would have been tempted by one.
  4. Oh yeah, a holy trinity car on the rock would be something else. I think one of the mags brought a P1 over for a play and I have been told there was a Veyron over at some point as well but to have a locally registered hypercar here (and hopefully being used) would be ace.
  5. Is there no topic safe from someone mentioning government? I wonder if this is actually on-island (or is it something they have an option on if someone local is interested in it)? There are people over here who could afford it and it would be great to see one out and about on the roads for sure. Maybe that Doug Barrowman fella might snap it up.
  6. Yep, incredibly lucky so far really.
  7. There was a large diesel spill up there yesterday (and some nails). Weather looks to be good until next Wednesday (Thursday looks like there may be some rain) so Mad Sunday will be interesting this year...
  8. Didn't we have this thing with the nails last year (on a race day iirc)? Diesel spills are bad enough (deliberate, or just poorly maintained vehicles?) BUT nails on the road FFS, just how twisted do you have to be to start pulling stunts like that?
  9. The Mountain Road is currently closed due to an RTC at Brandywell Corner.
  10. Is that a record do you think? Amazingly, it was open on my walk in to work this morning. ETA: @piebaps
  11. Did he give any indication as to what he thought the current population figure is? I seem to recall between the last two census' that the population in Ramsey had slightly declined, despite new housing stock having been constructed, so it will be interesting to see what the figure is this time around. @Tarne, I think the figures come out in September (based on previous census').
  12. The Isle of Man Motor Museum celebrates its 1st birthday this Sunday and they are unveiling their latest restoration project to the public. I know there are a few petrolheads on here (and the weather is looking good for Sunday) so if you have nothing else on, why not head down for a skeet? There are some Ferraris driving about from across at the moment, there is also a visiting contingent of the Porsche Club GB over for the weekend and it is the monthly meet up of classic and interesting vehicles at the museum anyway so it should be a good day overall I reckon.
  13. If you've ever dealt with the Chinese you'll know just how hard it is trying to get them to do what you ask, never mind all the fuckers that then want to rip your products off. Been there in the past, know the story very well. You've basically got to be looking over their shoulder all the time or they will take the piss. Then of course, there's all of the palms that need to be kept greased... It's like the wild west out there man!
  14. How many pax and vehicles does that hold then?
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