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  1. So looks like some kids were being stupid. Non story, next.
  2. Offensive but not illegal? As in, in Germany it’s an illegal symbol and can only be used in certain context, for example educational. Any computer games have it removed. Get the same game in Britain and the swastikas are left in. Feels like there’s some context missing here. Were these stupid kids who found a spray can or a deliberate act aimed at an individual or a group? Has the Foxdale Liberation Front turned into an Adolf fan club or was it just some lone idiot?
  3. I didn't fancy getting stuck in this shitshow so rebooked for another day.
  4. Loganair was down earlier, couldn't book anything or even access the site. Easyjet firing out delay messages now.
  5. Let's see. Don't mind being stuck here and have another Stroopwafel.
  6. Any news if Heathrow on Sea is affected by the current outage?
  7. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
  8. You’re done? My tone may have been a bit too harsh, granted. Fact is the atm malfunctioned. I know my pin. I was told nowt they can do as not Barclays customer. Card gets destroyed, tough luck. Implying would have helped me had I been with Barclays. Not ideal when you’re on the way to the airport and needed that card. Obviously everyone now peeing their panties in excitement. Same procedure as every time.
  9. On a positive note, both security lines open and friendly and efficient which was nice. Also, not bad free wifi, MT.
  10. They clearly can but it’s their own policy not to. They rather destroy the cards and tell the person in question tough luck.
  11. Using Google translate instead of native speakers. It'll do.
  12. No, rightly pissed off that their machine malfunctioned and I’m now at the airport without the card that I need. Three guys literally standing next to the machine then arrogantly telling me the card will be destroyed and there’s nothing they can do didn’t help.
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