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Friday October 24th



Well the super seacat is still sleeping in Douglas harbour, and the Ben has sailed but very late for Heysham. I very much doubt that super seacat will have discovered any of her super powers by tomorrow as the weather is going to be worse by then. If you are planning to cross the water tomorrow, I would book your flight now if I were you. The south-westerly gale reached a maximum speed of 58 knots at Castletown Breakwater, that’s about 65 mph. Still we did not get the very heavy rain they predicted.


Doesn’t the over the top security drive you round the twist these days. There once was a time not that long ago, when you could turn up to catch the 9 a.m sailing to Liverpool at one minute to 9 with no ticket. You could buy your ticket at the foot of the gangway and simply walk onboard. I remember as a kid one day at the airport, wandering out onto the tarmac and feeling my way all around a Dakota aeroplane. John Cooil who was part of the airport fixtures and fittings at that time, even came out and took me onboard the plane. They tell me the security is very strict at Tynwald with metal detectors and cameras. These days our MHK’S are forever telling us they are on a world stage. Well I am willing to bet that al Qaeda have never heard of Tynwald. Anyway the security they employ there would not stop the real fruitcakes from getting in. They just stand for election. Well my wonderful friend and nurse has now arrived and Barbara has just put the kettle on, so I will bid you all good-bye until Monday.


Tom Glassey, on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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