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Tuesday October 28th



It’s quite common today to come across deal from retailers offering money back within 30 days if you are not happy with the product. The shrewd old Manxies would never pay for anything unless they had tried it out and were 100% certain it did the job. George Rudd was one such shrewd Manx farmer. I am told that George was so strong he could pick up a pony under each arm. Anyway one day George was due to go and collect his new set of false teeth from the dentist. The dentist got a little more than he bargained for though. After fitting George’s nashers, George remained in the chair. George had brought with him a packet of digestive biscuits, and munched through at least four of them before proclaiming the teeth to be satisfactory. I suppose that is a bit like going in to a sweet shop and buying a box of chocolates, but insisting on eating half the top layer before you decide whether to buy them or not.


I remember George sitting in our front room in our house on Janet’s Corner. He was rather concerned about the youth of the day. “Tom,” said George “One of these days I will be sitting here looking out of your front window, and the bloody telephone box will go down the road in a wheel barrow yesser!” I almost felt like getting the lads together to make sure it happened. As far as I know, the phone box at Janet’s Corner is still there, but sadly George is no longer with us. What a shame they don’t have phone boxes where George is now. One day your prediction will come true George, however, it won’t be a bunch of youngsters that cart the telephone box off in a wheel barrow. It will be Manx telecom.


Well, I am now about to walk Skipper in the rain and cold. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow.


This is Tom Glassey, on the banks of the Silverburn River.



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