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Monday December 8th



I guess people are starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. I used to make them but no more. I only ever kept one of them, and that was, never to make any more. I suppose most smokers will want to try and kick the habit, although I actually met someone the other day who told me he was going to start smoking on New Year’s Eve. Well, I suppose there’s one born every day. Talking of smoking, I heard on the radio that a bunch of medical scientists have discovered that smoking does more harm than was first thought. Well blimey! They have been saying for years that it kills you, so goodness only knows what it does now!


I wonder what reaction you would get if you approached an alien, and explained to him that “I am going to take this weed, mix it with some tar and then roll it in paper. I want you then to shove it in your mouth while I set fire to it!” Well that is exactly what I did for over 30 years. Smoking eventually led to me catching lung cancer. However, lung cancer led to me writing a blog, and through the blog I have formed a good relationship with folks all over the globe. Blimey even lung cancer has a silver lining.


Now then, I hear that Father Christmas has sold his pad in Lapland and bought a house and grotto built by Dandara on Langness. The move is purely for tax purposes. Jeremy Clarkson is said to be furious because Santa’s reindeers smashed down his fences and ate all his vegetables.


Well its time I bid you farewell. This is Tom Glassey on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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