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Tuesday December 16th



Well folks, I have just returned from the doctors. The doctor couldn’t tell me of course if my lump is malignant. She has referred me to the specialist whom I will see at Nobles on Thursday at 12o’clock.


Well it’s presently Monday afternoon so that’s not too long to wait. I shall now crack on with life and presume it is not cancer, and I shall remain in that frame of mind until such times as a consultant tells me it is, which of course may not be very long. Life is very much like a game of snakes and ladders. You keep climbing the ladders but sooner or later the dice throws you onto a bloody snake and down you go. The important thing is to make sure you climb back onto a ladder as quickly as possible. I am not in control of the dice or the shaker. I have absolutely no idea whether there is a God or not. But someone much more important and more powerful than us is throwing the dice. My good friend and blog reader Dorothy over in Liverpool has sent me an email on faith this morning. I enclose it for what it is worth at the end of this blog. I have faith, but in goodness knows what! I don’t believe any of the recognized religions throughout the world have anything to offer me. For me they have brought far too much strife, death, wars and bitterness throughout history. You do not need a personal God in order to have faith.



When I am continuously being battered by the storms of life, and my very spirit is ebbing away, then all I need to do is hang onto that gift called 'Faith', that one support which will weather the storms. Faith does not depend on a clever head, only belief: belief in the self and the strength that lies within. Faith is the seed of victory and the foundation of making the impossible possible.


Until tomorrow then folks!


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