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A Mixed Day



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I'm so sorry I am late with an update, but its been a busy day. Tom woke this morning and was singing in bed for the 1st time for months. For those who don't know, Tom is a happy person who loves to sing and because of the news of the cancer returning and his dip in his health, his singing has been sorely missed. I've always loved the way he rides above everything and has a song in his heart. Anyway, it was back today with the realisation that he would be taking a step towards stopping the cancer. Unfortunately he had some bad news early this morning. His uncle, Norman Gregson, whom he has written about a few times, died in the night. If he is well enough, Tom will blog tomorrow or soon and write about his uncle.

We went to the hospital for 2 p.m. and chemotherapy did take place. I very rarely have time to shop and took advantage of the time and spent some Christmas vouchers in Marksies. I had just over an hour and made the most of it.

Tom took the chemotherapy well and we got home at around 4.45 p.m. His appetite has been pretty poor of late and I gave him what he wanted for his tea which was a small salad. He was very tired and went to bed at 6. I'd have to say how pleased I was to hear him shout for a jam sandwich. This may not sound like much, but its brilliant when you realise how little he has been eating. It also meant that rather than worrying about him being sick after the chemo, it seems to have stimulated his appetite. When a person has chemo, they are also given anti sickness drugs as well, as this is one of the most common side effects and can be quite debilitating. Tom didn't need them last time, but we had been warned that the good health enjoyed last time, is going to be highly unlikely this time. We will see.

Anyway, as I say, you will have the master blogger himself tomorrow with luck.

I have to apologise to all who emailed me today and I tried to be cocky and email you back from my new whizzy iphone. Once I had mastered how to hit the right keys on the extremely sensative screen keyboard, I messed about with my settings. I marvelled at the emails I received along with pictures, but I have still not got my settings right for replying to you all. Everything is sitting there unable to make a connection. When I've stopped playinh with all the other clever things on the phone, I'll get round to sorting out the things that still don't work. All I will say is that unless you have oodles of patience, do not buy an iphone. If you have, its flippin brilliant. I would have to add that it was a delayed birthady present to me from Tom. We had to wait until Manx Telecom got them in stock. I'm going to carry on playing with it now.

Bye :-)

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Guest Looners


Babs you're a f*****g star (i'm allowed to swear lol)


Glad to hear Tom is in positive mood .... and as for that iPhone .. i have one and I'm now typing as fast as a normal keyboard, patience is the key ;)


Speak soon


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