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Monday February 9th



I was wondering whether to write today or wait for a bit, but there are quite a few people wanting to know how we are fairing. Well we haven't had the best of weekends as Tom has been quite under the weather. We had to call the Emergeny Doctor late on Saturday for advice of how to handle the breathlessness that Tom was experiencing. He is pretty well managing at the moment and we've had the hospice nurse visiting us today. She is going to organise to physiotherapy & guidance on breathing to help Toms symptoms. Toms appetite is also not very good but I have stopped stressing now and Tom is drinking the prescribed drinks with all the vitamins and protein that he needs. He also manages some homemade broth. Chemo makes the throat and mouth sore amongst other things and one of the tips we received was pineapple. It acts as a natural antisceptic and soother for sore mouths.

On the positive side, today was the best day weatherwise that we have had for ages which enabled Tom to have a short walk. The weather has been too cold for him to do much or the wind too strong. Today we went for a walk in the park with Skipper. It was only a short walk, but it was good for him.

This Wednesday the next chemotherapy is due. Tom will have the blood tests again tomorrow to check if his blood is ok for it to go ahead. He is alot better now than he was last week when the blood tests were done and his colour was pale. I am expecting that the haemoglobin will have recovered a bit from the results last week.

Yesterday I walked though the fields with Skipper as I looked for any chickweed and dandelions for my aviary and rabbit. I didn't succeed in finding chickweed, but I did find some dandelions and some nice fresh grass. It was lovely to see the snowdrops growing along the river bank reminding me that it won't be long now before the bank is covered with bluebells and wild garlic. It was a promise that spring is just around the corner whilst Skipper and I were getting a right drubbing in the rain. For all the forecasts of snow, at sea level we have only had rain and the odd hail shower.

Anyway, I will do another update after chemo on Wednesday.

Bye for now


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