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Thursday 12th February - With Update



I'm having trouble sleeping and thought now would be a good time to update you all on Toms progress. At present Tom is in ward 6 at Nobles. We will find out today if he has to fly over to Clatterbridge for emergency radiotherapy for an obstruction.

Yesterday Tom had chemotherapy as planned, but whilst I was there I spoke to the nurse and told her of the troubles we have had over the past week. She questioned me further and decided that a doctor may need to check him out. When chemo had completed a doctor came to examine Tom and then he sent for another doctor for a 2nd opinion. They both agreed that Tom would have to have a CT Scan and ECG to rule out their suspicions and Tom was admitted to ward 6 in order to have them done in an emergency. By 4.15 they were done and we had to wait for the results which came at around 5.45 p.m. We got that news that the tumour is pressing on his throat etc and causing difficulty in swallowing, speaking etc etc. The oncologist is over here today and so we will know what the next step is going to be. It was a long day and to make matters worse we had Skipper in the Camper van. Luckily we have a combination vehicle that acts as both a car and camper and so it wasn't too bad for him. I was able to give him fresh water and we had more than one walk in the Millennium park (I know I have the name wrong but I can't think straight). At 6 o'clock after much resistance, Tom persuaded me to go home and sort some things out for him as we were told he would be staying the night. I didn't want to leave him and yet I had to think of Skipper and get Tom the things he needed. Our friends Ray and Pauline Cregeen came to the house to let Orry out for a while and Ray took Skipper for a walk whilst I gathered Toms things and Pauline made a cuppa. They basically took control of things whilst I gathered this, that and the other in somewhat of a daze. Anyway, I returned and stayed with Tom until around 8.30 when he was feeling very tired. That is where we are at. Today things may move very fast or they may drag on. I will update this blog as I find out what is happening.

I have to apologise to everyone who emails me and never receives a reply and explain that I'm finding it very difficult to put my mind to emailing people. So Dorothy I have heard the birdsong radio channel on the internet radio whilst looking for stations for Tom. My "Oh look a bird song radio channel", brought no response from Tom and I moved on. Elizabeth and Wendy I do read and enjoy your emails but I leave it to Tom to write to you both. Janine Tom will probably text you when I take the correct phone charger into the hospital. I took 2 chargers to the hospital yesterday for his phone and radio and I got both wrong. I'm grateful to all my friends who email me and know that they're not going to get a reply, but continue to write to me. It sounds selfish doesn't it, but I will get round to phoning you all at some point.

I'll go and let make a cuppa now and I will keep you all informed throughout the day.

I've just received a text off Tom "I am awake. I had a good night sleep. Feeling really good." I'm happy now I've heard and he's feeling well. :D I'll talk later.




11 a.m.

The oncologist has been to see Tom and because he had chemo yesterday, radiotherapy would be to much too soon. He is being given steroids and along with the chemo, they are hoping it will reduce the pressure etc. He is being kept in hospital for a few days to monitor him and he is in good spirits at the moment. His brother Lenny went into the hospital at 10 this morning and delivered the correct chargers so he will be able to use his phone again. I will be going into see him this afternoon and will let you know if there is anything to report.

For now, I have been going to see to me aviary birds and hens for the last hour, but I seem to be taking treble the time to do anything. Orry is having some out time and grooming both me and himself as I type. Our friend Miriam from across the road has taken Skipper for a good walk for me, so all I have to do now is get my act together.


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