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Wednesday 18th February



Things are ticking over quite well for Tom and I at the moment. Today we go to the blood clinic at Nobles to have Toms blood clotting checked. We went on Monday and Tom still required daily injections by the district nurse as well as Warfarin. Tom is still doing well despite his set back and is eating better and full of humour.

We had a new shower bath fitted last friday and a vanity unit yesterday. Our bathroom is small and about 9 years ago we decided to get rid of the bath and have just a shower. It was fine for quite a while, but we have both been missing having a good relaxing soak. Anyway that is now resolved and it's great.

Whilst we are waiting for the blood results today, I'm eventually going to call in Manx Telecom to sort out the emailing on my iphone. I'm still trying to get to grips with the touch screen keyboard. It was fine when I had my pda and used a stylus, but I don't half get frustrated typing in the iphone using fingertips. I've ended up making more phone calls as I just find I haven't the patience sometimes and go for the easy option. Its probably cheaper at the end of the day.

Our friend Miraim has been brilliant taking Skipper out whilst we are back and forth to the hospital. I also found it hard to leave Tom for very long when he came home from the hospital and Miriam has taken the pressure off me a lot by making sure Skipper has had a good collie workout.

The weather has improved of late and is warmer and sunnier. Hopefully we will start to get some benefit from the motorhome part of our vehicle and I'll be able to execise Skipper and then make a cuppa and sit by the sea with Tom in the comfort of the camper.

I'll have to make a move now to get everything done before we head off.

Again thanks to everyone who has emailed me. We are doing fine and now entering the dip after chemo, but so far nothing to report.

Bye for now.


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