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Friday 20th February



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Everything is going OK for us this week. Tom has been feeling much better despite being in the low period of his chemo. He is on large doses of steroids which will causing him to feel extra well. Also after weeks of eating very little, he has managed fish, chips and mushy peas twice this week.

We were at the hospital again this morning for the anticoagulant checks. He's still not quite there yet with the levels, but hopefully when we have the test done again on Monday, there will be a difference. He's even been sussing out whether he can have an alcoholic drink as well, which he hasn't had since around Christmas. He can have a small amount which is what he was down to anyway, so if he does feel like one, he can have one.

Tom is very busy with his book and this is keeping him occupied inbetween hospital visits etc.

I haven't had the time to spend with my aviary birds this week apart from the routine feeding etc. Orry is cuckooing as I write this and I've been trying to teach him to cuckoo and then whistle the cuckoo waltz in between. Now he's barking and next he'll be calling me in Toms voice or Skipper in mine. Skipper has been taking his hen rounding up a little bit too seriously. Yesterday 4 hens were sunning themselves in a corner of the garden and 2 others were pecking down the other end of the garden. He wasn't happy until he'd got them all in the sun corner and then decided he'd move them all into an old greenhouse which they use in the winter for sunning themselves. The ducks and geese on the river have reduced their food intake which generally means they are feeling the spring as well. Most of the wild birds are now busying themselves making nests and declaring territory. I love the spring and the young birds, but there is also a lot of sadness as well. Male ducks drown the females and other males. I've seen the geese do it to each other as well. Anyway, its all part of nature, but its difficult to watch.

Next Thursday Tom sees the onologist and is down for chemo the week after. Anyway, I'm out of things to say. Tom will write over the weekend, but my little updates keep you informed.


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