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Saturday February 21st



Well hi there folks and welcome to a good old beef from me after a weeks silence. Today it’s the airport that is doing my head in. Well not just the airport, I guess I could say general security on the Island. Our Government has followed a policy over the last 20 years or so, that appears to be based on what everyone from outside the Island appears to know what is best for us. So, we have imported boat loads of civil servants from the UK and given them out top jobs so that they can and are free to make the same mess over here, as they have done across the water. We used to have a nice quiet quaint little airport until the playboys and girls turned up. Just look at (in my opinion) the outrageous goings on down at Ronaldsway. Firstly we now have to find an extra 2 million quid for an extension to a runway that in my opinion is totally unnecessary, all because Alan Bell used the wrong cheque book when he was paying for the thing. This extension it would appear, is to comply with minimum runway lengths throughout Europe, or is it by the CIA, god knows and he isn’t answering me so far and I have asked him twice. They are getting away with murder on this compliance lark. They are using compliance as an excuse to waste out money and squander our resources. Over half the runways in Europe do not and will not comply with this latest bloody nonsense. The Americans certainly had a security problem in their airports. However, I still believe the aircraft that crashed in to twin towers would have done so anyway. To prevent or eliminate it here, we decide to build a runway that is capable of taking the size of aircraft the terrorists prefer to use. Once this monster has been completed they have another little nugget up their sleeve folks. Yes they are going to erect the most expensive hi-grade security fence around the entire airfield. This will undoubted become the most expensive fence ever built to keep mushroom pickers off the airfield. I think the cost was something like £200,000 the last I heard. Well let’s hope Allan gets his right cheque book out this time then. Then you take all the rest of the nonsense that goes on down at the airport, such as taking your shoes off to be checked out. In my case, I am usually handing my shoes over to a neighbour or at least someone that knows me well, in order for them to make sure I am not carrying a couple of bombs in my heels. Well folks I can tell you that I already have enough problems finding my way around our cluttered pavements without the additional hassle of lugging a couple of bombs around in my shoes. Flying is still in my opinion by far and the best way of getting from A to B, and until someone events a better way we are stuck with it. Anyway no one is going to take a damn bit of notice of me, so I will now shut up on this subject. In fact people I am going to belt up for the day as I can’t concentrate very well on writing these days. It’s coming back to me, but a few more days are needed under my belt. I will blog again tomorrow as I have probably achieved nothing more than doing your poor heads in this morning.


I am still plodding my way along the Silverburn folks; however, I do get scared every time I see a digger or something arrive at the railway station. A dratted security fence along the banks of the river I think to myself, or could it be that some civil servant has located a document in the Manx Museum telling the story of how a drunken monk from Rushen Abbey fell in the river and drowned back in the 17 hundreds, so now they have to erect a security fence to prevent it happening again today! There are no monks left, so I guess it would just be as always is the case - done in our best interests’ folks.


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