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Tom will receive a thosand comments- take comfort that they will all be warm and loving, Barbara you are in my thoughts and prayers, Tom was genuiley one in a million xx

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How sorry I am Barbara to hear of Tom's death I hope the months you have had together will now give you the strength to get through this. I wrote to you at the begining of Tom's illness and told you that I had gone through pretty much the same with my husband and that he had sadly lost the battle. Somehow they seem to get an inner strength that that pass on to us and it makes us stronger too. Jim and I laughed and cried together for the 10 months of his illness and I'm sure thats what you and Tom will have done. Remember with fondness all those funny things he will have said to you as the days and months go by all those things will make a little more bearable. Evedn after 10 years I still can remember all our conversations whether they were funny or sad, but now as the years have gone by those words still means so much to me. Everyone who will have read Tom's blog will have felt they had made a friend and that we all knew him personally (even if some hasnt met him). Everyone I'm sure will be praying for the both of you when I see you in the future I will feel I have something in common with you and hope I will be able to find the adequate words to say to you. God bless Barbara

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