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Spain Again

John Wright


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I think I have told you of the trouble we have had with electricity in Spain.


Well we have had more


We still only have a temporary supply. It is linked with a small building works permission. It was for two years originally.


last December I reminded the lawyer, who is sorting out the lack of a reference catastral or rates number, which is why we have no rateable value and no ability to have a full supply, which is a regional, if not autonomnal, matter and an administrative mistake, the builder and the architect that the build works licence expired in February and we would need an extension and then apply for an extension for the temporary supply


The local town hall planning is open two days per month. They missed the deadlines and ENDESA came along, moved the pole and consumer unit and disconnected the house on 15 February. Certificate for minor works extension was granted on 12th! but did not get to them in time.


So for last two months no electricity


The only thing we have left to do is the fitting of carpets in two upstairs rooms and then the property is lettable as long as the builder has repaired the storm damage from new year which whipped the jacuzzi cover off and flew if 600 metre and the pool cover which tore in half and went a mile. and the permanent barbecue which had its chimney topple and as long as the gardener has completed the irrigation system


So off we go today, with family to do that. No electricity Monday, so emergency book an apartment in Sitges, just in case. Yesterday electric company turn up, install pole and fuse box and wires and connect up, so we can stay in farm, but no swimming. Solar panel heating depends on a pump, electric of course to heat the pool, so pool, is cold!


Lawyer says she has the certificate and number now, but I haven't seen it, and bet its as a restaurant, previous use, not as a house, if so ENDESA will say our re wiring does not meet commercial standards and they will not give a bolletin and so no power. I am learning to be pessimistic about how bureaucracy works in Spain for me.


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It's funny reading your stories about Spain and the bureucracy you've experienced. My girlfriend's parents have had a couple of places in Spain, both away from the tourist areas, and I've heard similar stores. Whether that be the lack of power, generators, solar panels, estate agents, the mayor, the town hall, lawyers or the utility companies - it certainly seems like a difficult place to get things done and by no means straight forward. I would imagine buying a generic apartment through one of the mainstream schemes is relatively easy, going alone and buying somewhere more `authentic` and getting your head around the almost peculiar ways of doing things is another matter. Good luck.

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