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In Hospital



You'll have to forgive this very small blog & any mistakes I make as I try my best on my iPhone. Don't things change ever so quickly where I'm concerned. One minute I'm saying how well and refreshed I am after my trip across & now I am being looked after in Nobles Hospital. It certainly surprises me that's for sure. I was a bit shivery last week & thought nothing of it. Even a bit of stiffness in my legs I put down to reduced walking through my knee problem. Then Thursday i went from having dinner with Toms mum, to a temperature of 38.2 and aching head to foot. I didn't go to the doctors as I was worried I'd picked up swine flu from my trip across. I phoned the doctors & relayed my symptoms & the doctor told me it was probably a virus which was similar to swine flu & was doing the rounds at the moment. Never-the-less she did inform public health who phoned me the next day & they also decided it was the virus. I must say that at this point my temperature was still rising, I couldn't get out of bed & my pains were increasing. I never moved all day. I shivered & sweated & tried to ride the storm. I'd been told the temperature stays high for 48 hours & then subsides but if my breathing should become bad, I should seek help. Karron came & saw to my birds, Pauline took my dogs & I just slept & moaned. I wouldn't let anyone near me as I didn't want to pass it on & I was in agony before the end if the day. When my breathing became shallow due to the pain, I decided to phone the out of hours doctors. I was to go straight there so Pauline & Ray helped me into their car & took me to the Hospital. I was admitted & through the night xrays were taken, I was put on a drip & given intravenous antibiotics & fluids. I was pleased to find I hadn't got anything I could pass on but was shocked to find a had a massive area of infection in my lung, along with pneumonia & pleurisy. All my symptoms were from that alone & nothing else. With the powerful drugs, my temperature came down from 39.2 to normal. The muscle spasms have stopped & although my breathing is still shallow due to pain, I can still smile. I thought I would continue to read the Paul O'Grady book yesterday but it made me laugh, which caused agony & I had to close the book. I will use the book as my marker to how I'm improving.

Anyway, I don't think it ended up too short & you know why I haven't blogged. I have to say I'm in the very next bed on the ward that Tom was in on his last stay at Nobles. I found it upsetting when I first arrived, but I'm fine now.

Love from Barbara


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HI Babs, TA for your e-mail this morning, i made me feel better to think you could even do one!!! Hope you manage to get some kip after what sounded a very unrestful night. I wish i was nearer to help with the birds & other animals but you have got some really good caring friends looking after you for which I'm thankful for, for your sake. Good job your not here listening to our 3 guys shouting & singing their little heads off, they'd have you in stitches. The favorite one at the moment is YEE HAW, ride 'em cowboy & when all 3 get going its hilarious. Another one is, fancy a bacon buttty? I'm amazed at just how many words & sayings they can say & NEVER get fed up of listening to them.

I can't believe that 4 weeks today we will be in Camas, Washington State, visiting Cher & Bruce, OMG!!!! We fly from Manchester to Vancouver BC on Fri 11th Sept & arrive about lunch time so we have the rest of the day there & will stop the night & then we fly to Portland, Oregon the afternoon after. Bruce will pick us up from the airport as Cher will be at a Hopi wedding in Arizona so we won't see her until the Monday. She goes on her birthday 9th Sept, day after your Tommy, so we will have to hold off the celebrations until then!!! We spend 2 weeks there & then fly back to Vancouver BC for a weeks stop there, its our 6th trip in 10 years there so you could say we like the place, we LOVE it actually but don't know how many more times we will get there as its gone quite expensive now. Its better value in USA where Cher & Bruce live, very good for eating out & some great micro brews & good wine. Of course we will be having her chickens eggs & their own beef & veggies too so really looking forwards to that again as well. We are stopping at her mums retirement home in a guset suite like ast time, its a beautiful place called the 'Waterford', its for the over 50's so we fit in!!! It works out much cheaper than a hotel & its a proper apartment with everyhting you could need. They have a swimming pool, fitness center, cafe so plenty to do when we aren't with Cher & Bruce. While we are away its our 6th wedding aniversary on Oct 2nd & also 20 years the same day we have been together & i can't believe just how fast that time has flown. We will be in Vancouver then. We have friends there so will be meeting up with them, he's a local lad from Eccles who married a Canadian lady over 40 years ago & is retiring so i think we may even catch his retirement do.

Well, i'd better get Sunday dinner going, roast beef, yum yum. Bye for now & hope you are feeling a little better ever day that goes buy, you are always in our thoughts, lots of love & hugs to you, Pauline XXXXXXXXXXXX :hug:

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Hi Barbara, the website was down for a bit and Elizabeth mentioned you'd blogged but I couldn't get on to see it, finally here I am. Super to hear that you are improving rapidly. Good post! What great care they've given you and God has answered our prayers. Will be looking forward to hearing you are back at home soon. Rest well, don't dive back in too quickly when you get back, take it easy. Love from both of us, Cher and Bruce

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