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Final Fantasy


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Don't know if this forum is right for this comvo (well its about a game so why not....) anyway iif any of you have played final fantasy thru 7 8 9 and 10 then did anyone else out there feel that after FF8 9 was ok but not up to the standard you expect and then 10 well that was the biggest pile of Sh!te I'd ever played, the graphics yes were amazing, but the story was shallow the game was too short and it just didn't feel like A FF game, anyway anyone else any comments?

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FFVII > any other FF in my opinion.


In fact am playing FFVII through again at present, determined to get Aries lvl 4 limit breaks + ultimate weapon etc before she dies ^_^


Just reached cosmo canyon - can't get the music out of my head this morning.


last FF i played before re-visiting VII was X-II. Couldn't really get into it that much - and as such only racked up about 6 hours gametime before putting it back on the shelf. Felt far too arcade like to me :-/


After I've finished VII I'll probably dig it back out and try again tho!


Cue Uni to enter topic

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I loved FFVII it was ace... I think between me and me ex we put in a grand total of 180 hours game play... I was soooo addicted it was unreal! Minutes would pass to hours, then hours to days without me even moving! But me and the ex split up just as we got to the end of the game and I never did finish it! In fact I am tempted to call him up and ask him if he has the memory card still....


Can't say that I have played any of the others...

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FF7 Best game ever :lol:

FF8 Was great

FF9 Terrible, why do people have tails?

FF10 Pretty neat with the voice overs, story is a bit confusing at the start (I've left my game at where enter the world map on the "Wizard battle plains".

FF10-2 Not played


Can't wait for the FF7 Advent Children movie.

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Still playing FFX (save game says 120+ hours).

I have FFX-2 ready after that.


I started FFVII and got onto the 3rd cd if i recall, but never finished it.

Too busy clubbing at that time. Should dig it out sometime.

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