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Gt4 - Prologue


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Anybody been playing this?


Doesn't seem that far from GT3, the most severe changes I've noticed so far are;


The difference in viewing angle


Nose cam seems the same as previously, although the first chase view seems to be tucked in right behind the car - so much so I could I could barely see where I was going! 2nd chase cam has moved to a higher POV and gives a much better view of what's coming up IMO.


Biggest gripe for me about the switch around with the views is that the traditional Rev counter is no longer there with the chase views. As i play with manual gears its a pain to try and keep an eye on the tiny red light of the new style rev bar thingy on the chase views! Maybe I'll have to learn to drive from the nose cam :unsure:


xxxx driving penalties!


You can no longer drive into a wall at 180mph+ and then simply pull away again with no penalty. After a big smash your car gets restricted to 50kph for between 5 - 10 seconds. (can't remember how long exactly!) Certainly long enough to lose you a few positions if you're in some traffic.


I hadn't noticed but presume the same happens If you hit another vehicle at pace. Certainly the school type tests fail you for colliding with another car in many of the challenges.




The driving dynamics have certainly changed. You sure know about it when you try to enter that quick right hander at 10kph more than last lap - say hello to the gravel!


Essentially there seems to be more emphasis on correctly shifting the weight of the vehicle. Braking before bends rather than through them etc etc. Got to say I do prefer the changed physics vs GT3.


Gravel / grass are a lot more punishing than before. If you're braking hard for a bend and one of the wheels goes over the rumble strip onto the grass - you'll have a hell of a fight trying to make it!



Would be interested to hear everyone else’s views if you've been giving it a whirl.


One thing i know for sure - when GT4 is released I'll be waving goodbye to my social life for a week or two!

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I made my way through the school lessons and completed them all, though i admit - only at bronze level.


I'm a bit gutted that I haven't unlocked all the cars - because in the demo stages when you leave it for a bit - there are cars I've not got in my garage - so that makes me glum :(


Over all it was a good taster - can't wait for the full one either - should be excellent (All i have to do before then is finish GT3A) :blink:

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I completed the last few school lessons last night and think I'm missing a few cars.


When I go to select the car in arcade mode I can see a few "gaps" where there should be a car.


Perhaps these become available after completing every test at silver / gold level?


I've noticed that you earn a "points" score based on your performances, perhaps If i were to get a couple more silvers / golds it would push my points score to a level where I unlock another car? hmmm will have to take a look later :o)

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When I bought GT3 I thought 'What an amazing game. fantastic. 10/10.'


So then I decided that I would wait until GT4 came out and buy that as well. Judging by the positive feedback on here, I think that I will stick with my original plan and do just that. A bit gutted about the damage thing though - I used to love hitting those rocks at Trial Mountain in my Polyphony001, doing 200+kph, and then getting away with it!

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I'll second that about Trial Mountain.  Can be a real swine those earlyish corners after the first tunnel.


Haven't seen demo of GT4 but I want it.

Litle clips + nudges are all ok it seems, just like GT3


It's only the serious shunts that you seem to get punished for.


Failing some of the tests by touching cars when overtaking was a pain in the arse at first - but actually made it really fun trying to find a legitamate way around the car in front, planning an overtaking manouevre, made it all a little more tactical.

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Sounds like aggro to me dude, being as how I usually only fire up the consoles when my mates are round drinking & someone always pipes up with "Who wants their ass kicked at ???????, I'll take you all on!".


I'm usually quite good at hitting the walls/other vehicles etc on GT3 after quite a number of drinks!

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Well the first time I ever raced the game I went into Arcade mode and drove (just to get used to it) an Alfa 156 around Trial Mountain. As you say Cret, the section after the tunnel is bad. Braked OK for the left-hander into the tunnel, got round OK with squealing tyres but conveniently forgot to brake for the very sharp right hander with all those rocks jutting out on the left. I actually put the controller down I was convinced that it would say 'game over' or something but I was amazed to get away with it!


Another awful corner is the corkscrew at Laguna Seca (you know, the one that drops away right-left really steeply, near the end of the lap.) The amount of times I have been in that tyre wall...


I love Code D'Azur (Monaco) and surprisingly have never properly crashed there (although I admit to nudging armcos and walls etc.)


My ultimate hate track is the Special Stage Route 11 which takes about 2 mins 45 in a decent car to do a lap, and even then it's got more hairpins than my sister. Let's hope the new game lets me get away with forgetting which way the road goes.


How many tracks are they keeping on the new game, that were included in GT3?

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