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Mannarena Lan Night - 28Th Feb


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Mann Arena is a monthly gathering of PC gamers at the Church Hall in Santon. We meet every month on the last Thursday from 7pm until around 11pm. People wanting to play are asked to bring their PC's, keyboard, mouse and screen. Make sure you bring the power cables for the box and screen as well. Headphones should be used as a room full of people all on speakers is a bit of a distraction. Network cables, network switches and 4-gang power sockets are supplied on the night.


Games played are mainly First Person Shooters like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty 2, old school Soldier of Fortune 2 and the odd driving game like Trackmania (a free download through Steam).Counter-Strike / Global Offensive players are also on hand should anyone want to play that. (We also welcome any suggestions of new games to play and ask that people request them before the night so we have a chance to try them out - although bare in mind there's no active internet connection so anything that requires online is a no-go for now).


Also make sure your steam is up to date if you want to play Counter-Strike!

(Load steam, ensure all games and the steam client is up to date, then restart in offlne mode, then quit steam)

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