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Battlefield 4 Beta


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This week I was given access to battlefield 4 beta as a long time Call of Duty player I was very keen to take an early look at the competition before placing my pre-orders

PC used
i7 3770k
16gb ram 1866
Sound through corsair vengeance 1500 headset 7.1 Dolby enabled
running in 1080p

Looks 4/5 (very pretty a lot of time must have been spent on the lighting/sunlight)

Sounds 3/5 could be better

The main thing that struck me was how slow you move even when sprinting, no lean ,it was very......Joypad didn't feel smooth and free in regards directional movement the player feels heavy and "clumsy?"

It would appear they have gone a little way down the realism road but at the cost of the game speed.
The maps are huge, so you have no choice but to get in a vehicle soon as you spawn
reloading the sniper is epic

Based on the time I spent play the game
The team with the best chopper pilot wins it was so boring and left me feeling disappointed
Although the last few Call of Dutys have also been poor compared to earlier games, they have always put gameplay and action first over fancy lighting

All eyes on Ghost

Anyone else played this ???

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I've played it solidly since early access beta launch (dig deluxe), and I have to say that it is a nice improvement on BF3.


The graphics i'd rate 4.5 in all honesty.

The maps are huge yes, well, there's only one at present (it is only in beta..). It'll be interesting to see the other 9 due to be available at launch. Not forgetting that there are multiple game modes such as Rush etc, where only sections of the map are available until an objective is blown up.


Sounds, I think they're fantastic. DICE have always been particular about using real/realistic sound effects. On 5.1 surround sound speakers, it's 5/5. On 7.1 headset it's more like 4/5 for me.


You aren't resorted to jumping into a vehicle. You can spawn on your squad mates, or objectives already taken, and this promotes team work.


Going on to teamwork, having the best chopper pilot is no major advantage. Choppers are easily countered by some decent recons, lasering choppers and other vehicles for an engineers guided RPG's/ tanks' guided Shells. If you can dominate their vehicles, you can win the round. Likewise, countering those recons involves good infantry squads, rushing the roofing areas.


There's so much more to the game, than saying X or Y is overpowered. If something does seem OP, then your team isn't working together correctly.


Its only beta, and like BF3, we'll see much better teamwork after people settle down and lose the Rambo mentality.

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