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Retirement And Spain

John Wright


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About two years ago I decided I no longer wished to work 60 or 70 hours per week. I decided to work from home, restricted hours, on a few matters for a very few clients. I also decided to buy a farmhouse in Spain.


I have been working part time from home now for 2 years. I have all the technology including satellite internet to allow me to work any where in the world.


Yesterday I got the small works consent to allow renovations at the farm house I bought in Querol Catalunia in July 2005. I needed the consent because without it I couldn't turn on the electric!


The electric was on when I bought. I just transferred the DD over from the old owner to my bank account. In theory every new owner has to have an inspection and a cedulla issued allowing supply for another 10 years. This is true of water and electric and gas. It is to ensure the old owner was not a rabid DIYer and has not rendered the place dangerous. In a land where many live in apartments it's a good idea.


BUT the bureaucracy is overwhelming and the temptation is to cheat. So you just tell the utility to take the money out of a new account, the bills arrive in name of ex owner but so what.


All was well until the ex owner fell out with the estate agent about the level of commission deducted, 5%. He then checked to ensure no bills in his name and had the supply terminated.


Water was fine, it is pumped out of a well, very hard but cool and 10 Euros per month. Gas is large bottles, we have 10 of them.


Next week we get electricity for the first time in 18 months!


There have been frustrations on the way. To start off my blog I am going to post some of the stories.


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