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Monday May 12th



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9.30. It is a wonderful morning. I have just returned from a walk down through the old mill, and later I hope to go and spend a couple of hours out on Fort Island. On Saturday we put my boat Silverburn through her paces after fitting the new fuel pump. We set sail at 3 pm with Boatman Chris Callow, old seadog Michael Quine, my brother Lenny and me. We steamed up and down Castletown bay for a couple of hours with no problems whatsoever with the engine. Then, as we headed back to the harbour, helmsman Quine's nose detected a smell of burning. Captain Chris Callow confirmed the smell and the main engine was hastily shut down. Brother Lenny and owner Tom Glassey were duly summoned out on deck and as the engine cover was lifted the committee pontificated as to what might be the cause of the burning smell. Just to confuse matters further, the engine itself was cold. We could find no reason for the burning smell, yet we could all smell it. After drifting for about 5 minutes, the smell disappeared. We then decided to throw caution to the wind and fire up the engine again. As we steamed full ahead for the harbour, we spotted in our wake, a group of barbecue's on Scarlett. We had been down wind of them and mistaken their burning sausages and burgers for a problem with our engine. Should I ever write another book, I might well call it, "Four men in a boat".


Yesterday, we cruised to Port St Mary and back, dropping my brother Lenny off at the Albert and collecting Ray Cregeen to take him fishing for an hour in Port St.Mary bay before returning to Port St.Mary to pickup brother Lenny, and returning to Castletown.


I have decided now to blog for 6 days a week and just like the boss, I shall rest on the 7th. I may well end up blogging for just the five days per week, but for now we shall blog Monday/Saturday.


So, until tomorrow people, this is Tom Glassey with News at 9.41, on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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Tom - that made me laugh out loud or LOL as the kids text these days !


best of luck for Thursday - will all be thinking of you


Sarah x

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