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Saturday May 17th



10.05 a.m. Just back from walking Skipper and I’m going out in the boat shortly. I have received a letter from Clatterbridge this morning telling me they would like to see me on June 2nd. This will mean a day trip to the Wirral and my 3 week stint should follow about two weeks after. We have now found a caravan site about 3 miles from Clatterbridge, so all we need to do now is sell the one we have and buy another one. Well that might sound a bit daft, it is simply that there is nothing wrong with the one we have, it is just a bit basic for living in for three weeks.


Last night I got drunk, well at least I was according to Barbara. Every Friday evening we have what is known as the gathering. We gather around the table, that is myself, Ray Cregeen, Michael Quine, and boatman Chris Callow. Last night we opened a special bottle of whisky. The whisky was given to me by Declan O’Sullivan, the MD of Pelagos yachts of Ramsey. Declan gave me the whisky after I wound up my business back in January. I had just been diagnosed with cancer, and been told I probably didn’t have long to live. I didn’t at the time think there would ever be a special occasion to open the bottle, so I put it to one side. The good news I received this week, that after chemo, my cancer had been reduced by 90%, meant that the special occasion I thought would never come, had indeed arrived, and so the bottle was opened. We seldom get drunk at the gathering. We meet every Friday and tell and laugh at the same stories every week. We did get carried away last night though and Ray’s wife stole our whisky. She did return it; however, we had more than enough drunk by the time she returned it. Val, if you are reading this blog, we shall open your bottle of whisky at next Friday’s gathering for which we all thank you.


It is now 12.30 p.m. and I have just returned from a fishing trip onboard Silverburn. We caught absolutely nothing and returned to the harbour early because of a fuel leak. Boatman Chris has now gone to fetch a new seal, and hopefully we will try again tomorrow morning.


Yesterday I told you a little story about Finbar. Well here is another.


One day we were stood at the bar in the Viking. It was I think, Sunday lunchtime. The door opened, and in walked a Lord. We had never met a Lord before. I have forgotten his name, but he used to sponsor or look after the racing driver James Hunt. Anyway, Finbar was drinking some pocheen that he had managed to obtain from somewhere, certainly not the Viking. The Lord became curious regarding Finbar’s drink, so, Finbar offered him some. “I say,” said the very well spoken Lord.” “Just exactly how the devil do you drink this stuff?” “In your case,” Said Finbar, “catch hold of the glass with one hand, and something else with the other!”


Well that just about brings me to the end of the blog for today people. I will be back again on Monday. Don’t forget if you want me to answer your emails. Email me at tomglassey@manx.net as it is difficult for me to answeror read messages that are sent through the forum.


Until Monday then, this is Tom Glassey with News at 12.35, on the banks of the Silverburn River.



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