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Monday May 19th



8.45 a.m. I have already completed two walks this morning. A quick trip along the Silverburn, and now we (Barbara, Skipper and I) are just back from a trip to the beach. The tide was about half in, the wind is about force 4 from the Southeast and the sun is shining. The beach was empty. Strange that, as I have walked the beach in the winter, early on dark, cold and windy mornings, and there is usually at least a couple of hardy folk down there. I guess an early morning summer walk is no challenge to them.


Now then, I want to say a big hello to young Catrina who is 12 I think, and lives just outside Glasgow. I think she is the youngest and newest blog reader. Catrina, you are welcome, and I look forward to hearing from you as we blog along.


I did get out in my boat the Silverburn yesterday with boatman Chris and my brother Lenny. As usual we caught no fish, but at least we made it back to the harbour without breaking down. The guy I bought the boat from once broke down in Derbyhaven bay and because he had no auxiliary engine, he had to paddle his way back to Derbyhaven breakwater. I say paddle, because the only way he could bring the boat home was by unscrewing a cupboard door and scull the boat back to Derbyhaven using the cupboard door as a paddle. After his experience he obviously was somewhat concerned that the same thing might happen again so, he took himself off to a boatyard which might explain the ruddy great paddle that still lies on the after deck of the boat. I have replaced this method of propulsion now with a new Honda outboard engine.


Getting home again has been a problem that has bedevilled me for most of my life. Barbara and my Mother had Sunday lunch out yesterday at the Flying club. Many years ago I frequented the flying club and often at weekends we would fly over to Newtownards in Northern Ireland, with the then steward of the flying club, Dennis McDonald. Dennis was a local comedian in the Down Patrick area of Northern Ireland. The trouble was, we would stay in a local hotel and Dennis who liked a drop to drink would often get too drunk and not be able to fly us back the following day. I recall one weekend, we had flown in on the Friday evening, and we were supposed to be returning on the Saturday afternoon. Dennis got blottoed on the Friday evening and was in no fit state to fly us home on the Saturday. So we all checked in again at the local hotel for Saturday evening. It was decided that in order to keep Dennis sober, we would let him have a few beers at tea time, but then confine him to his room for the remainder of the night. To make sure he did not escape we all took our turn at guarding his room. Yes I also took my turn at standing guard outside his room. I did however have a bottle of Blue Nun. Now I don’t know if it was when I slipped away to the toilet or Dennis just had no problem giving his blind security man the slip, but it seems I spent an hour or more standing guard outside an empty bedroom. On hearing the shrieks of laughter coming from the bar at Dennis’s jokes, it was easy for me to follow the sound, and make my way back to the bar. Dennis had indeed made his way back there. They had all forgotten that I was on guard duty, so I rejoined the gang. We drank early in to Sunday morning, went to bed, and flew home on Sunday evening.


Well that is just about it for today people. Until tomorrow then this is Tom Glassey with News at 9.10, on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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