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Monday November 3rd



Good morning people. Well it’s sure a wonderful feeling to feel good on a Monday morning. When you have retired or had to give up work for whatever reason, Monday mornings are much more welcome that they use to be.


Now then, imagine you are standing in your kitchen, looking out of the window, when you spot a motor car crashing through your fence before finally coming to a stand still on your lawn. Then as if that is not enough, you discover that the driver is a 6 year old child. Well that is what happened to my brother yesterday afternoon. The incident was followed by my brother and the child’s parents have a very interesting discussion.


I heard a something on the radio on Saturday morning about life’s anomalies so I thought, yes! I bet there are loads of them out there. After writing this blog for nearly a year, you sort of get to know who to approach for information when you need it. So, I am not that surprised to receive over 300 anomalies from around the world.


I include a small sample of them. If you would like my full list, then email tomglassey@manx.net



Why is it called the rush hour when no one is going anywhere?


Telephones, why are wrong numbers never engaged?


Why do we say things such as, I’m sure I put my specs in my pocket, when we obviously didn’t?


What is good about Good Friday?


How can we be overwhelmed, underwhelmed, but never just whelmed?


Why are dogs that rely on having really good eyesight in order to guide people about referred to as blind dogs?


How can anything be dead good?


Why does my nose run, and my feet smell?


If fairy liquid cleans dishes, why do my T-towels get dirty?


I have yet to come across a house that got on well with a fire?


In hospital terms, why does he or she is comfortable, usually mean they could snuff it at any time!


Why are boxing rings square?


Why do you fill out a form by filling it in?


Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?


Why are there Braille signs on drive up cash machines?


What is a free gift, aren’t all gifts free?


If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?


How can you have a defining silence?



Tom Glassey on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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