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Tuesday November 4th



Well today is a very big day 3,000 miles away across the pond. I must say though, an American election seems to last for as long as the term of office. In two years time they will begin this entire lark all over again. Well this election has probably been more exciting than recent ones. However, I wonder if in four years time there will be any Americans saying “Thank goodness for Obama,” or “thank God for Mccain, my life has really improved since his election.” I very much doubt it.


Tomorrow is bomb fire night, and after that of course its full steam ahead to Christmas. I bet the Christmas music is already being pumped through the streets of Douglas. I heard on the wireless this morning that a council in South Wales has been found in breech of new health and safety regulations and have been told they cannot put up their own Christmas trees and decorations, at least not by using a ladder. They now have to bring in contractors who will have to use cherry pickers. I suppose its only a question of time before Father Christmas, has to be a half cast, bisexual, and referred to as a Christmas parent! Well before we reach that stage, enjoy your fireworks tomorrow. It is only a question of time before health and safety catch up with you.


Tom Glassey, on the banks of the Silverburn river.


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