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Friday November 14th



Hi Folks! Well this is my first blog this week. I’m sorry about that. For one reason or another I just didn’t get around to blogging.


Well we had an eventful period last night as we hit the sack. Our bedroom looks out over the Silverburn River. The Silverburn is hardly a hive of activity during the daytime let alone in the pitch black night. It’s normal for us to hear kids larking about, but mostly during the summer months. Last night loud screams for help came up from the river and so Barbara quickly dressed and went down to the river to see what she could do. I called the police and before long it emerged that a young woman had fallen into the river. By the time Barbara arrived on the scene two lads had come to the young lady’s aid and helped her out of the water. She was obviously wet through and extremely cold. She had chosen the deepest part of the river to fall into and highest drop from the bank. Anyway Barbara got her into our car to take her home and by the time Babs returned to the car after fetching the keys from the house, the young lady had absconded. We never saw her again, and the police called this morning to tell us, the lady concerned is OK and back home again. Well another amazing thing about this young lady was that at the time she fell in to the river, she was clutching a carrier bag containing four tins of lager. She still had hold of the bag when she was fished out of the river. She had inhaled a fair bit of river as well which is why the police spent a fair bit of the night trying to trace her to make sure she was ok. Barbara has just fished the girl’s mobile phone out of the river and the Lord only knows what other personal belongings are still in the water. Anyway its heartening to know that some folks never loose their priorities. Even though she must have been absolutely freezing cold, and probably in the water for 5 or 10 minutes, she still hung on to her four cans of lager.


Last week I told you the story of George Freestone. One of the kindest men I have ever met. Well someone contacted me to tell me of an incident concerning George. It seems that around one Christmas time, George and his mates were at work on a building site. When the men received their pay, George approached a work mate that George knew had a large family. and gave the man half of his wages. “Take this money,” said George, “for you have many kids and I have only two.”


What a truly wonderful man!


Well that is it then people until Monday.


This is Tom Glassey on, and not in the Silverburn River.


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