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Monday November 17th



Good morning people, well Christmas is now only 5 weeks away. For those of you who hate Christmas, there is always Boxing Day. You will love Boxing Day because it is the longest time until the next Christmas.


I am glad to report that we got through the weekend without having to drag anyone out of the river. Our rescued friend paid us a couple of visits on Friday. She explained that she had been to see her MHK to ask for a fence to be erected along the river bank and lights to be installed. I hope he told her that it would be a lot simpler and cheaper if she didn’t go wandering around down on the river bank in the dead of night.


Don’t they get worked up across the water regarding their nancy footballers in the premiership. Apparently someone in the crowd chucked a coin at one of the Chelsea players. The player picked it up and promptly chucked it back. He might receive 40 lashes and go to prison for 10 years. Blimey I remember a match between Peel and Ramsey, where the players joined forces with the crowd and threw the referee into the river. As far as I know, nothing happened to anyone. On another occasion, once again in a match between Peel and Ramsey, the ref’s changing hut was set on fire, no one even bothered to call the fire brigade. In one of Malew’s matches their goalkeeper, Herbie Nelson was once sent off for foul play. The trouble was that Herbie actually owned the field the match was being played on, and informed the referee, that if he couldn’t play, then no one else was going to either, including the referee. They do seem to make mountains from mole hills across the water. I am surprised that any of the crowd has any coins to chuck once they have made the extortionate admission fees.


Well folks that completes my rant for today. I am of course on the banks of the Silverburn, and coping very well without fences and lights.


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