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Tuesday November 18th



I heard on the radio yesterday, that a group of youngsters in the Midlands have been prevented by the local council, from singing carols and taking mince pies to an old folk’s home, on health and safety grounds. I also heard about a special training centre for Father Christmases. Yes, it appears that the large department stores are sending their Father Christmases on courses. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not possible to gain a university degree in Christmas. In fact in a couple of years it will probably be compulsory to be fully qualified and with a Santa clause degree in order to hand out bags of sweets and balloons in Woollies. Of course we all know that there is only one Father Christmas who lives in Iceland. Let us hope that he did not have his bank account with Singer and Friedlander.


I have been following the case of little Anna Jones who at the age of 13, having been treated for cancer with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, decided that enough was enough when her only option left was to have a heart transplant. Anna simply decided for herself that she had had enough and now just wanted to remain at home and see out whatever time she has left with her family. The authorities intervened and tried to force young Anna to have the operation against her will and were going to take her away from her parents who were supporting Anna’s wishes. Thankfully these morons did not get their way and Anna is now back at home with her parents, having spent large chunks of her 13 years in Hospital. Anna unfortunately won’t be getting what she wants for Christmas unless God himself intervenes. None-the-less she has given all of us a very special Christmas present. She has melted away all of our problems in as much as compared to Anna’s situation, our problems are minor. What a very special little girl.


Tom Glassey on the banks of the Silverburn river.


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