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Ahoy Hoy



Welcome to "Please Send Me Evenings and Weekends" my new mp3 blog. What is an MP3 blog?An mp3 blog is just a way for music fans to share some of their favourite tunes with people who may not have heard them.Generally speaking people put up a track or two, for a short period, for people to have a listen to and decide whether they want to investigate the artist further. To see how this works check out the links on the right for people who have been doing this thing for a while. Where does the title of the blog come from?It is a line from a song by the Gang of Four (no not that Gang of Four) that has always struck a chord with me. I'll probably return to the Gang of Four as the weeks progress but in the meantime here's the track...Gang of Four - Return the GiftCheers Declan

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