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Monday December 1st



There is a deep frost this morning. So, who is kidding who with this global warming lark? Our summer was no big deal, and it’s not normally this cold in November. Of course the scientists and politicians all believe that global warming is taking place. But that is because they keep holding all seminars on the subject in places such as the Caribbean and such places. They don’t need to go gallivanting around the World in order to spout their rubbish. I shall send them my oil bills, but somehow I doubt that they will read them. When I was a kid, Sundays were pretty boring affairs. At school we had to don our best clothes, attend mass sit around the play rooms and do lots of praying. At home it was a different matter. In the summer we would walk up to Silverdale along the Silverburn River. Once there we spent our time riding the water powered horses and mucking about on the boating lake. In those days the guy who looked after the boating lake didn’t have to have been a life guard with more than 10 years experience, have served on the lifeboat for a minimum of 5 years or don an Arctic survival suit whilst on duty. During the winter the pubs would close on Sundays, so everyone sat around being thoroughly miserable. In winter time the Isle of Man was not a fun place to be. There were no pubs open, no shops open and even the boat didn’t sail.


Now for an update on the rose bush! You will be pleased to know that we did go and rescue the rose from the garden of Dad’s old house. It has now been replanted in the garden of the bungalow where he ended his days. Last year I did not have a fun Christmas. On checking Barbara’s diary, at this time I was pretty much confined to bed. Christmas was looming but I can’t say I was very excited about it. Mother and Father both came for Christmas lunch. I couldn’t help wondering during the meal though, was this going to be my last Christmas. Dad seemed to be in good spirits. There was no sign then that in fact this was to be Dad’s last Christmas, and I would go on to make something of a recovery. It has been a long and difficult year. I am grateful to be approaching Christmas in reasonable health. I would be lying if I said I was really excited about it. None-the-less my spirits are high, as just like the rose, I have been given a second chance.


Tom Glassey on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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