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Friday November 28th



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Well yesterday's poem brought the biggest reaction from you since I began the blog last February. Today is going to be an exciting day. No idea why, I just know that it is. I shall be off to walk Skipper in the next half hour or so. Then we are off on a tour of a few shops that hopefully will take Barbara's latest prints. Its time we discovered for ourselves whether the credit crunch has hit the Isle of Man yet. No sign of it having any effect in Castletown so far. Christmas card writing has got to be one of the biggest chores of the year. I think its time we put a stop to it. So, here is my parting shot!


This Christmas card writing's the pits.

I have totally knackered my wrist.

So no bloody fear, instead of writing next year, I'll go down to the pub and get pissed


Well I said earlier that I didn't think the credit crunch had hit Castletown yet. None-the.less, it has hit yours truly, so here is my Christmas card to all for this year.


Things are tight, and times are hard, so, here's your bloody Christmas card.


Tom Glassey. On the banks of the Silverburn river.


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