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Thursday December 11th



Sorry folks! I have just been listening to the radio and you know what that usually means? Yes there is a rant coming up. Apparently a school bus in America was evacuated and fumigated just because a peanut had been discovered on the bus. It seems 150 people die each year in the US through allergies, 100 people are struck by lightening, 1550 are killed by bee stings and 10,000 people die in sports accidents. The US must be the only country in the world where folks might have a guilty conscience about having a jar of peanut butter in the food cupboard, however be perfectly happy about keeping a gun in the house. We mustn’t get too smug in the UK or over here either. What happens in the US today tends to happen here sooner or later. I also hear that two kids in a school in the south of England were told when they got to school, that they had to wear gowns at school, just because they lived on a farm and might have come in to contact with milk. I haven’t a clue what possible harm a bucket of milk might do and I don’t want to know either. Peanuts and milk are harmful apparently, but Nuclear power stations and telephone masts are absolutely fine. Keep well away from milk and peanuts, but however, if you wish to maintain a healthy brain, stay even further away from the bloody fruitcakes in charge in our councils and civil service.


Gosh people I get so worked up these days. Froth comes out of my mouth, steam comes out of my ears and I start to shake all over and need to sit down and have a brandy. I am going to have to stop listening to the radio.


Now wife Barbara has asked me to try and find out what trolling means. I have come across it myself on the forum but I haven’t a clue as to what it is. Answers please to tomglassey@manx.net


Today I made a start on my new book which I have decided to call “On the Rocks.” I now have 2000 words written so only about 78 000 or so to go.


I still have not managed to flog my boat. I am now down to 6,000 from 8,500. Well there is a credit crunch on. Someone called me last week and offered me a couple of thousand. I suggested it would be cheaper for him to have a day out on Silverdale Lake. “There is a credit crunch you know” he said. “Can you hear my teeth crunching?” I retorted. You just have to admire the bloody cheek of some Yorkshire folk.


Well folks that’s enough from me for today.


Tom Glassey on the banks of the Silverburn river.



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